Step 6: Get Feedback

You may want to include some details about how you have developed your feedback mechanism. This could be especially helpful If you have determined that you will take an incremental approach to the tool’s development. For instance, if your website is not accessible now, but you plan to include accessibility criteria in your next website overhaul in year two or three of your plan, you could be transparent about this evolution and then provide an email address and phone number for the interim.

Your feedback mechanism will need to consider accessibility in its approach. If your Organization has not addressed accessibility when you built your website, you will likely have to consider offering alternative ways to report barriers for people with some disabilities. For example, if your existing feedback form on your website was not designed to be accessible to screen readers used by Blind users and some people with print disabilities, you may need to set up an email address and phone line linked to a voicemail box where those who cannot access your web form can leave their feedback.