Templates and Examples

Establishing Committees

To establish a committee, the following resources may be able to assist you. View the Flip Book Guide to help you Establish a Committee (pdf version for download) created for this project.

Recruitment Document Examples

image of City of Vancouver LinkedIn recruitment ad for Accessibility Committee

Example from the City of Vancouver, recruiting Advisory Committee members through LinkedIn

Orientation Guide

Generic Orientation Guide your committee can use (will download as a PowerPoint document)

Terms of Reference (TOR) Examples In BC

Other Municipalities TOR Examples

Other Government TOR Examples

Member Application Forms

Developing Plans

Download the Toolkit & Guide for Developing an Accessibility Plan

Local Government

Local Governments – BC

Other Local Governments

Schools and School Districts – BC

Other School Districts

Post-Secondary Institutions – BC

Other Post-Secondary Institutions

Municipal Police

Public Library Systems – BC (many work with their local governments)

Other Public Libraries

Crowns, Tribunals, and Other Government Agencies – BC

Other Crowns, Tribunals, and Other Government Agencies

Health Authorities


Creating Public Feedback Mechanisms

Other Tools


Emergency Planning

List of Other Committees and Plans in Canada



Local Governments


Post-Secondary Institutions


Private Businesses

Nova Scotia