Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC)An official group established by one or more Prescribed Organizations in collaboration with people with disabilities to develop an accessibility plan and feedback mechanism
Accessibility PlanA plan, developed by an AAC, that identify accessibility challenges and solutions for addressing those challenges
Assistive Deviceany device that is designed, made, or adapted to assist a person to perform a particular task
BarrierAnything that hinders the full and equal participation in society of a person with a disability
(a)caused by environments, attitudes, practices, policies, information, communications or technologies, and
(b) affected by intersecting forms of discrimination
Disabilityan inability to participate fully and equally in society as a result of the interaction of an impairment and a barrier;
Impairmentincludes a physical, sensory, mental, intellectual or cognitive impairment, whether permanent, temporary or episodic
Indigenous Peopleshas the same meaning as in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (from Constitution Act) includes the Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada
Prescribed OrganizationsAn organization designated by the Regulations
Sectoral HubsAn organization that is an association with members in a sector that is assisting with coordinating the Accessible Organization Project
Service Animalanimal can be readily identified as one that is being used by the person for reasons relating to the person’s disability, as a result of visual indicators such as the vest or harness worn by the animal
Support PersonA support person, in relation to a person with a disability, is another person who accompanies the person with a disability in order to help with communication, mobility, personal care, medical needs, or access to goods, services or facilities
Universal Designprocess of creating services and environments that are accessible to people with a wide range of abilities, disabilities, and other characteristics