About the Project

The Accessible Organizations Project is a project funded by the Government of British Columbia and led by Disability Alliance BC. The purpose of the project is to support over 750 Prescribed Organizations meet the requirements of the Accessible BC Act. Disability Alliance BC is working directly with our partners and collaborators in all sectors to reach Prescribed Organizations and provide them with resources and services to establish a committee, develop a plan, and create a public feedback mechanism.


February 21, 2024 – The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability are working on a project to create a guide for municipal recreation departments on best practices for accessibility.

August 16, 2023 – Check out the Orientation Guide that committees can customize for their own needs.

May 31, 2023 – Local Community Accessibility Funding Program available for local governments to remove barriers.

May 8, 2023 – BC CAISE, in partnership with the Province and Disability Alliance BC, is happy to invite all Accessibility Committee leads and Committee members to register for one of four “Jumpstart Your Accessibility Plan” workshops being offered on May 18 and May 19.

May 3, 2023 – Accessibility funding available for local governments to improve disability management

April 30, 2023 – Research from City of Guelph about improving the diversity of your accessibility committee

April 18, 2023 – New funding resource for accessible housing from CMHC

March 30, 2023 – How are your committees progressing and are you interested in a workshop to jump start your accessibility plan? Contact us now at [email protected]

March 22, 2023 – Added a subscription button to get all the updates on the Home Page.

February 21, 2023 – Added a map to find Prescribed Organizations. You can also look by searching the list of Prescribed Organizations. A list of Accessibility Committees is also available.

February 7, 2023 – Added the toolkits for Establishing a Committee and Developing a Plan.