Step 3: Vision and Goals

Before your committee gets into the details of developing a plan, you need to be on the same page. This doesn’t mean everyone will be in full agreement with all the details but there should be a shared sense of what the committee wants to accomplish and how it wants to go about doing this. Respectful debate is a sign that the team is working well and it is taking on the assignment seriously. It’s also helpful to be able to align what the organization is already doing with the accessibility plan. In an ideal situation, accessibility would be baked into “business as usual”. Some areas to explore as a team are:

  • The principles of accessibility and inclusion (inclusion, adaptability, diversity, collaboration, self-determination, and universal design)
  • Links to other legislation or policies is helpful context to show how the Accessibility Plan fits into broader organizational strategies
  • Internal values and vision statement for the plan
  • Approach that your committee will have in developing the plan