About Funding

Disability Alliance BC is overseeing the use of $3 million in funding allotted for the Accessible Organizations Project provided by the Government of BC. This funding will directly support our partners and collaborators in all sectors in their activities and efforts to provide guidance and support to Prescribed Organizations. Working with our partners, DABC will distribute funding across sectors by type of resource or service developed. Unlike other funding streams, the Accessible Organizations Project does not involve providing grants, but rather funds for specific activities (for example, a planning toolkit and training) that can be leveraged across Prescribed Organizations for the purpose of building knowledge and capacity in meeting the three requirements under Part 3 of the Accessible BC Act.

Through discussions with our partners, customized resources and services that benefit specific groups of organizations will be developed. These customized services will be based on emerging needs identified through our partners or communicated to Disability Alliance BC. Additionally, some shared resources and services have been identified that will be funded for the benefit of everyone.