This list is an overview of funding opportunities that promote accessibility initiatives.  This list includes funding opportunities that some public sector organizations may be eligible to apply. Please contact the funder directly to determine whether the funding is still available or whether future funding will be offered.

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF)

Web Link: About the Enabling Accessibility Fund –
Grant Funder: Government of Canada
Audience for grant: Youth, non-profit organizations, municipal governments, Indigenous organizations, some for profits.
Amount of funding: $10,000 – $3 million
Notes: The government of Canada website states that “Funding (is) for projects that make Canadian communities and workplaces more accessible for persons with disabilities. EAF aims to create more opportunities for persons with disabilities to take part in community activities, programs and services, or access employment.”

Housing Accelerator Fund

Web Link: Housing Accelerator Fund
Grant Funder: CMHC
Amount of funding: Varies according to size of municipality
Notes: Intended for 1) investments in Housing Accelerator Fund action plans, 2) investments in affordable housing, 3) investments in housing-related infrastructure, 4) investments in community-related infrastructure that supports housing

RHF B.C. Grants Program

Web Link: 2022 British Columbia Accessibility Grants | Rick Hansen Foundation
Grant Funder: Rick Hansen Foundation
Audience for Grant: Municipalities and Indigenous communities
Amount of funding: Up to $82,500 each
Notes: The website states that “For the 2022 program, eight B.C. municipalities and two B.C. Indigenous communities will receive complimentary RHF Accessibility Cert CertificationTM (RHFAC) ratings and up to $82,500 each in funding to make accessibility improvements for their communities. (The ratings program identifies the extent to which organizations are accessible to persons with disabilities) These municipalities and communities will be selected based on population and geographic representation.”

Access Awareness Day Grants

Web Link: SPARC_AADGrantApplication2022.pdf
Grant Funder: SPARC BC
Audience for Grant: Local government partners, local Accessibility Committees, as well as local disability serving organizations.

Amount of Funding: $500

Notes: This funding is specifically for holding an event to mark Access Awareness Day in your community

National Institute of Disability Management and Research

Any organization (government, education, etc.) can access a federal grant for a free workplace disability management assessment (WDMA), which help organizations improve disability management services, reduce costs related to injury and sickness, enrich or fulfill accessibility plans, and meet accessibility legislation requirements.

For Employers and Local Governments:

Local Community Accessibility Grant Fund

With funding provided through the Province, SPARC BC has launched the Local Community Accessibility Grant Program. This program is designed to support persons with disabilities by funding the removal of barriers identified by local governments Accessibility Committees, feedback mechanisms or Accessibility Plans.

All municipalities and regional districts in British Columbia can apply. Each municipality or regional districts is eligible to submit one application, regardless of collaboration with other districts.

The Opportunities Fund

Web Link: About Opportunities Fund – BC Centre For Abiliy | BCCFA (
Grant Funder: BC Centre for Ability with support from the Government of Canada
Audience for grant: A program that assists persons with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment – for persons with disabilities and employers.
Amount of funding: Please contact organization for details.

Notes: The organization’s website states that “Funding is provided for training, self-employment and wage-subsidized employment and adaptive equipment.”

The Workplace Accessibility Grant

Web Link: Workplace Accessibility Grant – Small Business BC
Grant Funder: Small Business BC
Audience for Grant: Small business employers
Amount of funding: Up to $2500
Notes: The organization’s website states that “Funding is provided towards creating an accessible work environment for persons with a disability (ies).”