Step 7: Ongoing Engagement

Establishing a committee is a difficult task but sustaining it over time requires intentional strategies. Challenges are inevitable and may actually be a sign that accessibility is important to the organization and its members. However, you should identify and address these challenges as soon as they present themselves.


  • Set up regular check-in times to check on progress and create sustainability of the committee
  • Create a social media group to provide connection, education, and updates
  • Incorporate accessibility committee updates into your staff meetings
  • After each check-in meeting outline duties and future tasks for each member to complete before the next meeting
  • Budget for on-going projects


Brainstorm on your own or in a group about how you will ensure that there is ongoing engagement on the team. Will there be regular check-in times? Are there projects you can work on together?

Register Your Committee with DABC

Once your committee is set up, let us know so that we can share that with you.