Organizations are not required to submit accessibility plans to government. However, organizations must make their accessibility plan available to the public, for example by publishing it on their website. The Province has modelled an approach that could be adopted on their own Accessibility Feedback page.

Principles of Feedback

The United Nations suggests a set of principles for soliciting feedback that may be useful to you. This is a list of just some you should consider when developing your feedback mechanism.

  • Use the preferred communication channel(s) of those you serve
  • Embed principles of accessibility in every channel you use (web accessibility, alternate communications, physical spaces)
  • Consider collecting specific feedback in stages rather than everything all at once
  • Create safe and secure spaces for providing feedback
  • Be prepared to address sensitive issues should they come up
  • Get feedback on the feedback mechanisms
  • Demonstrate that you have listened!!!
  • Show the path between feedback and action
  • Practice what you preach


Public Engagement Guide – a holistic guide for accessible engagement by the Province of Ontario